Outreach goes beyond meetings. We work with you to develop a plan that creates opportunities to connect with a variety of stakeholders, subcontractors, subconsultants, and the community.

Engagement Begins Here

Diversity + Inclusion

How do you create an environment that encourages diversity for not just your project, but your company? We collaborate with you to create plans and outcomes that ensure compliance and success.

Diversity Drives Collaboration


We help companies and partners from around the world connect and create pathways for success.

Connection Moves Globalization

Next Steps...

A strong guiding principle is the foundation to a successful community engagement program for both small businesses and complex organizations. You're here to inspire and drive engagement in your community, organization, and business. Let's be the difference.

Small Business Certifications
WEBS - Certified
City of Seattle - In progress
King County SCS - In progress
OMWBE - Certified #D4F0026198

541611 - Strategic Planning Consulting Services
541613 - Customer Service Management Consulting Services
813319 - Social Service Advocacy Organizations