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Darling is active member of National Association Minority Contractors, Washington Region, Tabor 100, Contractors, Designers and Entrepreneur (CDE).

Throughout Darling’s career as a diversity and inclusion professional, she has successfully done the following:

  • Assist and partner with business leaders to achieve local diversity and inclusion goals to ensure alignment with company’s strategic goals and mission
  • Lead the subcontractor diversity tracking effort, developing plans and process to be able to report company’s participation by project
  • Assist trade contractors with the pre-qualifications process
  • Communicate with trade contractors about expiring status
  • Help with trade contractor communication on projects, especially those with specific requirements for participation
  • Help to communicate information across project teams about which trade contractors are being awarded which projects
  • Facilitate Outreach Events for trade contractors
  • Participate in and integrate into the business development process for commercial general contractors (interviews, key pursuit proposals, etc)
  • Facilitate the alignment of company’s leadership with diversity managers from both private and public stakeholders
  • Championing diversity efforts within the industry (participation in Washington State Minority Organizations)

Service + Significance = Success

Darling Nava: your Community Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and a Public Engagement firm in Seattle, Washington. Darling focuses on designing ways to effectively engage with the community and business partners. Her work includes supporting and involving general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in the process for networking and capacity building projects. Darling supports your team through the implementation of various public involvement projects. She strives to build alliances and culturally inclusive practices that create positive relationships and change within the community.

Hear From Others Like You

Success Story

On or around the first of June 2018, I was introduced to Darling Nava with Intelligence Partnerships by the NAMC Washington Chapter.

New to the construction world, I needed to be connected with someone or organizations that could help me get company exposure, as well as help me navigate some of the issues that I was faced with; i.e., PLA Agreements; registering with the City of Seattle business list; Tabor 100; King County Business lists, etc..

At the meeting that Ms. Nava set up for us, she advised me of the above listings. In addition, she also on numerous occasions, informed me of events in which I can meet contractors and hear about upcoming construction projects. One such event was the Tukwila Firehouse Open House for BNBuilders Justice Center Project. At Ms. Nava’s suggestions, I brought my business cards and copies of my scope of work and rate sheet. She suggested that I give copies to BNBuilders and Lydig Construction to get their thoughts on my pricing and scope.

I’m proud to say, as a result of following Ms. Nava’s suggestions, BNBuilders contracted with both my portable toilet company and temporary fence company to provide both services on the Justice Center early demolition project.

At all events attended with Ms. Nava, she freely introduces me to contractors and everyone she knows. I’ve been able to create a contact list of individuals and corporations to get the help that I was seeking before meeting Ms. Nava.

I look forward to a continued relationship with her.

Victoria Richardson
VMSM, LLC dba Construction Site Services, LLC
Construction Site Fencing, LLC